You want your furry friend to stay by your side for as long as possible. Incorporate these suggestions into their care to ensure their health and longevity.
You want to improve your dog or cat’s health, but it can be hard to know where to start. There are many factors to consider to help your pet live longer. Taking a holistic approach, considering all aspects of their care and lifestyle, is a good place to start. This list of ten tips will help you improve their health and extend their life (and perhaps yours).

  1. nourish through nutrition
    As conscious consumers, we check the ingredient lists of our own food.

We need to do the same for our animals. Look on labels for whole meat ingredients, such as chicken, beef or lamb, no poultry by-products, etc. Choose premium pet food brands that promise healthier ingredients. If you feel like it, you can prepare a nice homemade meal for your best friend. It’s easy and fun to prepare tasty treats at home.

  1. safety in supplements.
    I consider vitamins and minerals to be a kind of supplemental health insurance for pets, providing them with the nutrients they need to stay healthy. A quality daily supplement is the most valuable contribution you can make to your dog’s or cat’s longevity.

To be truly effective, vitamins and minerals must be balanced, complete and able to be absorbed by the body. For example, the dried bone powder often used in pet supplements cannot be absorbed and has no nutritional value. Read and compare labels carefully. Choose vitamins that have milligrams or international units on the label and contain high-quality ingredients.

Vaccinate your pet thoroughly so it will live longer.
A new puppy or kitten may be stressed, especially if it comes from a shelter or foster home. Vaccinate it when its system is strong and balanced. Never vaccinate an animal that is weak from infection or disease. Previously vaccinated dogs and cats may be subjected to blood tests that record titers or immune memory in lieu of certain vaccinations. Research has shown that many dogs and cats are protected for five to seven years or more after the one-year booster, depending on the vaccine.

  1. holistic healing
    Holistic treatments and therapies are powerful tools that complement and enhance the body’s own ability to rebalance and restore itself, helping your pet overcome illness.

Holistic medicine offers gentle yet effective guidance that can treat many illnesses and health problems without the side effects so often associated with more conventional forms of medicine.

There are many holistic modalities and techniques available. It is helpful to know which treatment is best for your partner’s specific problem. Chinese herbs work wonderfully for diabetes. Acupuncture and spinal manipulation effectively treat back problems. Allergy elimination techniques, such as NAET, work well for dogs and cats, while homeopathic remedies treat a wide range of medical problems.

  1. think cellular
    Thinking small has a significant impact on life expectancy. Your pet’s body is made up of trillions of cells organized into specialized tissues and organs. Each cell has a job to do, and if they all do it, your dog and cat will live longer and healthier lives.

Normally, when we think of food, we think of protein, fats and carbohydrates. But the real value is in the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals found in food; they are the tools cells need to maintain and prolong life. We could not maintain our homes without mops, hammers and nails. Likewise, without the vitamins and minerals, they need to do their job, our cells cannot eliminate waste products, such as carcinogens and toxins.


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